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Spooky? Yup. Scary? Yup. Reviews? 10/10

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Review #28. The Evil Dead(1981), dir. Sam Raimi

There’s only so much a man can do when all of his friends are either killed by or possessed by an ancient Sumerian demon. His doing all he can do launched the careers of both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, and turned this series and Bruce Campbell into cult icons.     This is the perfect…

Review #27. The Mad Magician(1954), dir. John Brahm

Don Gallico(Vincent Price) is a master magician, disguise artist, inventor, but is struggling to break the chains of his employer, wanting to perform on-stage himself. An argument arises, and a giant mechanical buzz-saw is brought into play. Heads roll, and bodies are burned.     This is classic Vincent Price fare, and classic 1950’s horror. Melodrama…

Review #26. April Fool’s Day(1986), dir. Fred Walton

Muffy St John invites her group of college friends to her parent’s mansion on a small wooded island. They’re all very aware of April Fool’s Day approaching, and take full advantage of each other’s trust and natures to play some harmless pranks on each other. They have restraint, right? Nothing will go wrong, right? Everyone…

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